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Follow 5 steps to develop a comprehensive cancer      control plan or program

Find information on each of the 5 steps by cancer control topic

Assess program priorities

  Provincial Cancer Profiles
   ●  Statistics for prioritizing cancer control efforts


Identify potential partners

  Find Research Partners in Cancer Control
   ●  Contact information for research partners


Research reviews of different intervention approaches

Promoting evidence-informed decision making 

  Guide to Community Preventive Services 


Recommendations for population-based intervention approaches 


The Cochrane Library 



Independent high-quality evidence for health care decision making



      ●   Canadian Cochrane Centre 



Contributing to systematic reviews to help people make well-informed decisions about health care

  Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care

Guidance documents for clinical preventive services

  U.S. Preventive Services Task Force 


Recommendations on screening, counseling, and preventative medications


Find research-tested intervention programs and products


The Canadian Best Practices Portal 


The Portal is a virtual front door to community and population health interventions related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion


Research-tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs)



Summary statements, ratings, and products from cancer prevention and control programs tested in research




View national, provincial and territorial plans

  Comprehensive Cancer Control Plans
   ●  Provincial plans



Prevention Policies Directory 









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